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Sales and Customer Service

A career in sales at Hilti means a focus on building strong relationships and being the trusted partner for our customers.

Why Choose a Sales Job at Hilti?

At Hilti many colleagues choose to start their careers in sales – and for good reasons. 

As part of our passionate and inclusive team, you’ll find many opportunities to advance your sales career. Working as a Hilti sales representative, you'll learn how to build relationships with customers and develop skills to help meet your sales career ambitions.

Hilti North America has proudly been listed among Selling Power’s Best Companies to Sell for the last 18 years. 

Creating Meaningful Partnerships As a Hilti Sales Representative

Professional consultative selling takes sales women and men who understand the power of relationships. 

We’re always looking for people able to think strategically, build trust and offer solutions that enhance customer productivity, safety, and sustainability. Whether you’re an experienced sales professional or completely new to the field, for us it’s all about mindset. We’re looking for people with an ability to build effective business relationships; who understand their customers requirements, and when it's time to step back and see the big picture. If that sounds like you, this could be a great role for you. 


Elevate Your Sales Career Ambition

The skills you develop here will enable you to take on a range of different roles in our organization. 

Sales positions at Hilti offer many opportunities to enhance your skillset with abundant recognition and continual development through constructive feedback and support. As a premium and trusted brand, we are committed to helping our customers reach their objectives while empowering you to meet yours.


Audrey, Account Manager

"As an AM at Hilti, the culture is different. People are a lot more friendly; you have a huge support network. My regional manager and team are great, and have all been part of my success."

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