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Work on projects that transform our business and shape the industry’s future.  


Digital touches every aspect of our operations, from critical client solutions to how we do business worldwide.  This is your opportunity to join a community of people leading the way in the industry.   

Whatever your skills or background, you could be here working on projects that are digitizing systems, changing the workplace, powering digitalization in the construction industry, transforming engineering and manufacturing and so much more. 


We don’t see digital as an end game; but as a continual process of improvement and innovation.

We are investing in digital to improve the customer experience, make customers’ business processes more productive with industry leading software solutions and help us to move faster and more efficiently.

With that, we will be more innovative and will stay ahead of the competition and will ensure Hilti consistently leads in the marketplace. This is an area where diversity of thinking, added to a collaborative mindset and an openness to change and innovation, are so important – and that’s why digital isn’t about one type of person, it’s about many.  We value marketing, IT, application software and digital solutions skills – some have highly technical backgrounds, others bring complementary expertise.     

Our Digital Teams

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