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Learning and Development

The resources and support to help you grow personally and professionally and achieve high performance in any role you do.

With You All The Way

Your learning journey starts the moment you join Hilti. 

We give you a tailor-made onboarding including sessions to learn about our strategy and culture. Our social learning platform, FUSE, gives you access to relevant information and resources that are so important to you in the first few months at Hilti and beyond. Whatever function you work within, we promise to grow your experience with learning tools and workshops focused on everything from business understanding to project management. 

Your learning journey is all centered around you – and you’ll find support from peers and mentors, as well as within FUSE and our very own learning academy. There are also dedicated learning journeys focused on helping those who become leaders to become the best leader they can be. 


Focused on You

We provide an environment that offers every team member the opportunity to learn, grow, succeed, and bring their best self to work. 

Our aim is to help every colleague explore their strengths and potential and ultimately achieve their goals. Whatever your development journey, we will be with you every step of the way.